Who Sang Sold Out? The Luxury Liners

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length: 3:13
Pack your bags and make your way
Block the memories you've made
Now's your chance so don't delay
Let your blessings waste away
Sold Out

Weight the options in your mind
Count your losses over time
Multiply the benefits you'll gain
Forget about the price you paid
Sold Out

Once you're on the other side
You'll see the wealth you left behind

Before you Sold Out

  • 1 Circles
  • 2 Breaking Out
  • 3 Fallen Star
  • 4 Sing a Song for You
  • 5 Bluebonnet Sunrise
  • 6 How It Should Be
  • 7 Disengage Your Doubt
  • 8 Crash and Burn
  • 9 So in Love
  • 10 Just to Dream
  • 11 Sold Out
  • 12 The Cards You Dealt Me