Who Sang All Day Drinking? The Macc Lads

The Macc Lads From Beer to Eternity cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1989
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk
length: 2:39
producer: Bald Eagle
lead vocals: Muttley McLad
engineer: Bald Eagle
bass: Muttley McLad
background vocals: Chorley The Hord and Phil “Fast Fret” McCavity
guitar: Phil “Fast Fret” McCavity
drums (drum set): Chorley The Hord
composer: Tristran O’Neill, Charles Moore, Phillip Turner
lyricist: Tristran O’Neill
Staggered in MaccDonald's on a Friday afternoon,
All the pubs were shut, there was k___ all else to do.
I said: 'Give us a big mac, now, you spotty little t___.'
He said: ' Have a nice day, sir, would you like a paper hat?'
I said: 'Have a nice day, b______s, where's me f___ing mac? And I'll have a pint of root
beer in a proper f___ing glass. If its some new b_____ lager, I'll smash your nose into the
floor, I won't be drinking in MaccDonald's when they change the drinking laws.
Then I'll drink, drink, drink, 'til its coming out me ears, drink, drink, drink, 'til the pub runs out of beer, drink, drink, drink, 'til I can't take another sip, -all day drinking on an intravenous drip.
What's the point of drinking up at three-o-f___ing clock? When there's decent hours in
Scotland, but that's all full of Jocks. The penny-pinching b______s have all got ginger hair,
and it takes an hour to buy a pint, you can't understand a word. And they're queuing up outside
the pub, waiting for a sale, bet they wished they put their bags on when it blows a f___ing gale,
everyone will buy more beer when they change the drinking laws, they can spend the extra tax
they get, and mend that f___ing Wall.'

©1988 The Macc Lads

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