Who Sang McCavity? The Macc Lads

The Macc Lads The Beer Necessities cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1990
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk/Pub Rock
length: 1:55
producer: Bald Eagle
engineer: Bald Eagle
lead vocals: Muttley McLad
background vocals: Stez Styx and The Beater
bass: Muttley McLad
guitar: The Beater
drums (drum set): Stez Styx
composer: Tristran O’Neill, Geoffrey Conning, Steven Hatton
lyricist: Tristran O’Neill
He's harder than nails, tougher than bricks,
(Weighs nine stones with muscles in his s___),
Karate king, kung-fu master,
(Shaves with a plane, he's a f___ing hard b______),
He's filled more holes than a JCB,
(So don't you f___ with...)


He won't pat dogs, he eats dead cats,
(He'll rip your b______s off and stuff them up your c___),
He's had a b_______ off an alligator,
(He likes to w___ with an old cheese grater),
He's got all the crack begging on their knees,
They say: (I'll bend down, you fill....)


When he's necked his pint, he'll eat the glass,
(He can smoke a million smelly French f__s),
He can splash Brute all over his b______s,
(f___ off you c___, nothing rhymes with that)

Oh er right you are!

He can drink beer with a high specific gravity,
(Thank f___ for that, coz it rhymes with...)


©1990 The Macc Lads


CD 1
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  • 2 Germans
  • 3 Fellatio Nelson
  • 4 Desperate Dan
  • 5 Grease Stop
  • 6 Apprentice Dentist
  • 7 Man in the Boat
  • 8 Newcy Brown
  • 9 McCavity
  • 10 Chester Zoo
  • 11 Naughty Boy
  • 12 Mister Methane
  • 13 More Tea Vicar?
  • 14 Two Stroke Eddie
  • 15 Animal Testing
  • 16 Don’t Fear the Sweeper
  • 17 Poodles