Who Sang Sweaty Betty? The Macc Lads

The Macc Lads Beer & Sex & Chips n Gravy cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1985
length: 2:14
producer: Bald Eagle
lead vocals: Muttley McLad
vocal: The Beater and Stez Styx
engineer: Bald Eagle
bass: Muttley McLad
guitar: The Beater
drums (drum set): Stez Styx
composer: Tristran O’Neill, Geoffrey Conning, Steven Hatton
lyricist: Tristran O’Neill
Well she wore big knickers and she worked on sewage farm,
I got my hands down her jeans and I nearly lost half my arm,
But after ten pints, she looked quite fit,
Couldn't wait to get my hands on her flabby t__s.

Sweaty Betty,
Sweaty Betty.

So I said slap that and ride the ripples,
I just got to get my gob round her greasy nipples,
She had a massive a___, sweaty b______,
Thirty eight chins, she was a mound of flesh.

Sweaty Betty, she eats a lot of pies,
Sweaty Betty, she's got enormous thighs,
Sweaty Betty, have you smelled her breath?
Sweaty Betty, she'd crush a man to death.

I knew that she wanted me to s___ her,
So I stabbed her c___ with my mutton dagger,
I couldn't believe the size of her b__,
She used to play for Wigan at the back of the scrum.

Sweaty Betty,
Sweaty Betty,
Sweaty Betty,
Sweaty Betty.

I've seen nowt like it since the day I was born,
But you know me, I'll s___ owt that's warm.

Sweaty Betty, she eats a lot of chips,
Sweaty Betty, she's got massive t__s,
Sweaty Betty, she's got a huge v_____,
Sweaty Betty, you'd fit a bus inside her,
Sweaty Betty.

Sweaty Betty, she's so obscene,
Sweaty Betty, three tons of margarine,
Sweaty Betty, she's like a lump of lard,
Sweaty Betty, she makes my w____ hard,
Sweaty Betty.

©1983 The Macc Lads


12" Vinyl 1
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  • 2 Beer & Sex & Chips ’n’ Gravy
  • 3 Boddies
  • 4 Sweaty Betty
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