Who Sang True Nature? The Machete

Release information
Release Date: 2005-8-24
length: 4:43
Get ready to meet
My private demon hidden inside me
True beast waiting to be set free
Once it is let out, out of its cage
It's showtime and whole world's a stage
Feed from l***, feed from pain
I'm a mean f*****, but not the obvious kind
I smile to your face and hit hard from behind
Before you know it you're knocked out cold
Behold my true nature unfold
Make no mistake
I can tell what is wrong
There's no stopping me when I feel strong
There are no limits to what I can do
If I see something I want from you


Crawling beneath the skin
Evil spawn born within
Taking ever tighter grip of me
We are one, without it I'm incomplete
Incomplete (4x)

CD 1
  • 1 True Nature
  • 2 Lost for Words
  • 3 New Me
  • 4 Turned to Dust
  • 5 Total Desecration
  • 6 The Taint
  • 7 Fool for Respect
  • 8 Inward Spiral
  • 9 Blind
  • 10 Mouth Head
  • 11 Bitter End