Who Sang Crygods (Mind Overdrive)? The Machine in the Garden

Release information
Release Date: 1997-12-16
length: 5:32

Cry GodsThe gods are crying and the clouds are blowing overhead
The gathering in black for the mourning of the dead
Rain falling in torrents bringing life to the ground
No way to break the feelings to which I am bound
A single black dress flows whispfully in the wind
The woman underneath her heart as black as sin
No way to understand the feelings she has found
No way to break the feelings to which she is bound

CD 1
  • 1 Final Form
  • 2 Falling Into the Sea
  • 3 Dreams of the Absent
  • 4 Words in Heaven Lost
  • 5 Twenty Shadows
  • 6 This Arising, That Arises
  • 7 Corpus Christi (Love Will Die)
  • 8 Shadowy Depths
  • 9 Spiritus Ex Obitus Sanctus
  • 10 Primevil
  • 11 Cut Me
  • 12 Dark Splintered Heart (Mutation Engine)
  • 13 Crygods (Mind Overdrive)
  • 14 Cut Me (Eerie Glow)
  • 15 Altered Form
  • 16 Cold