Who Sang Cut Me? The Machine in the Garden

Release information
Release Date: 1997-12-16
length: 3:52

Ocean waves glowin the moon light
Sensory deprivation
Moonlight shines
Eerie glow reflects
From his face
Like driving rain
Like drowning angels
The blood that flows
Red then blue
Oxygen deprivation
Enter a new state of mind
As then angels fly to catch me
Like razor sharp moonlight
Like drowning angels
Ocean waves glow in the moonlight
I'm motionless and alone
Angel's wings glow in the moonlight
Glorious and white as stone (and alone)
Like falling stars..
There's nothing that can hurt me..

CD 1
  • 1 Final Form
  • 2 Falling Into the Sea
  • 3 Dreams of the Absent
  • 4 Words in Heaven Lost
  • 5 Twenty Shadows
  • 6 This Arising, That Arises
  • 7 Corpus Christi (Love Will Die)
  • 8 Shadowy Depths
  • 9 Spiritus Ex Obitus Sanctus
  • 10 Primevil
  • 11 Cut Me
  • 12 Dark Splintered Heart (Mutation Engine)
  • 13 Crygods (Mind Overdrive)
  • 14 Cut Me (Eerie Glow)
  • 15 Altered Form
  • 16 Cold