Who Sang Milk Cow Blues? The Maddox Brothers & Rose

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Well I woke up this mornin'
Looked outdoors
I can tell my milk cow
I can tell by the way she lows
If you see my milk cow
Please drive her on home
Cause I ain't had no milk and butter
Since that cows been gone

Well you gotta treat me right honey
Day by Day
Get out your little prayer book
Get down upon your knees and pray
Cause you're gonna need me
You're gonna need my help someday
Lord you're gonna be sorry
Ou, you treated me this a way
Aw, now take it away boys

Well good evening
Don't that sun look good going down
I said well good evening
Don't that sun look good going down
Don't that ol' army cot look lonely
When your lover ain't no place around

Well I tried everything baby
To get along with you
Now I'm gonna tell you
What I'm gonna do
I'm gonna stop my cryin'
Gonna leave you alone
And if you don't think I'm leavin' big momma
Just count the days I'm gone
You ain't gonna see me
You ain't gonna see my sweet face no more

Lord you gonna be wondering honey
Where in this world I've gone
Milk Cow Blues

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