Who Sang Stompin' at Mahogany Hall? The Manhattan Transfer

Release information
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Jazz
Style: Swing/Smooth Jazz/Easy Listening/Big Band
length: 2:49
Verse 1
Folks are stompin' at Mahogany Hall tonight
So let me tell you 'bout this house of shame
That the folks they talk and hush about
Yeah.. little old hang where folks they muss all about
I'm sayin it's a place of ill repute
I would just stay away, if I were you

Stay away, stay away, keep a stayin' away

Verse 2
Yeah man, if you feel that lovin' is what you're all about
Go find a wife that you can love, truly love
Then the lord above will bless and watch over you
Hear what I'm sayin' 'cause it's the truth
So don't you meddlin' around

Yeh yeh yeh...yeh, yeh yeh yeh yeh
Ooh...yeh yeh yeh yeh

Chorus 1
When that urge to stomp, and romp in hay
Hits you like a bull in a shop with the fire and a flame and a rage
That's when the devil, he comes to play
So you be wise and don't give in to his little lies that lead to sin
To be victorious, take the glorious jump
Far away from him

Verse 3
I don't believe this house right here
Is a place of sin that all you folks wanna gab about
Hear the music and the love that's spurrin' from a joy
We feel that we don't have to hide

Verse 4
Now I must concur with all this sister's been sayin'
Because I get back so much love, more than from prayin'
Never been akin to confessin' much
But Lord knows this house it moves and thrills me

Verse 5
That's right! How can you know what's missin' when you've never
Known the bliss that keeps a riding deep within my soul
Yeh, those babes they move me
There's stompin' and moves and turns all night
Rollin' till break of dawn

Now we know the Lord above in Heaven

We don't believe all the things you say
You gotta dig it another way

Can see all through you folks better than we can
A little rhythm will rock your soul
A little lovin' will make you whole
But the Good Book says roll your spirit up high...
Come on and give in to what we're sayin' Go...
rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin',
rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin',
goin', goin', goin', goin',
rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin',
goin', goin', goin', goin',

Heed these words and just

Stop that sinnin'
Scratch is winnin'
Don't be playin'
Start your prayin'
The Lord's waitin'
For you so...

Shout chorus

Stop that stompin' change your story
(come on)
We're stompin' to rhythm
(roll on)
That's keepin' us livin'
Don't be messin' with the glory that's waiting for you
(go on)
No evil will find us
(roll on)
The Lord is behind us
(and on)
So roll with the music
roll on, roll on, roll on, roll on,
Old scratch will never have his way again
(come on)
Don't bother us
(roll on)
let spirit just reach in
He will never bother you with all that sin...
(on and on)
Good lovin' will free you
(roll on)
And lighten what you do
RIP away the chains that confine you
(come on)
Come join in our party
Ther's nothing more I think we've said it
Ther's nothing more I think we've said it

That's the story of Mahogany Hall Tonight
That's the story of Mahogany Hall Tonight

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