Who Sang A House Is Not a Home? The Marbles

The Marbles The Marbles cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1970
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Pop Rock
length: 3:17
A chair is still a chair
Even when there's no one sitting there.
But a chair is not a house
And a house is not a home
When there's no one there to hold you tight
And no one there you can kiss goodnight.

A room is still a room
Even when there's nothing there but gloom.
But a room is not a house
And a house is not a home
When the two of us are far apart.
And one of us has a broken heart.

Now and then I call your name
And suddenly a face appears.
But it's just a crazy game
And it ends,
It ends in tears.

So darling, have a heart.
Don't let one mistake keep us apart.
I'm not meant to live alone,
Turn this house into a home.
When I climb the stair and turn the key,
please be there,

Still in love with me.

( Piri Piri )

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