Who Sang Let You Down? The Material

Release information
Release Date: 2011
length: 3:44
So, here we are again
And you're thinking that you've won
And I still can't recognize
The person that you've become

Will you look and see what you've done to me
I've been crying on the floor
Can you hear me now as I'm walking out
I won't take this, take this anymore

I didn't mean to let you down
I didn't mean to call you out
I didn't mean to spread your little secrets all around
I didn't mean to walk away
When you were lying to my face
I didn't mean to turn right back and put you in your place
Or maybe I did

Oh, so you're an actor now
I guess our story was just pretend
Well I bet your arrogance
Gets you in the end

Did you think that I wouldn't realize
You played me for a fool
How do you feel now, everyone found out
And we all know the truth about you

You should've seen your face when I walked out
I let the words fall out of my mouth
Ooh and it felt so good to pull the curtain down
No one believes you now

I didn't mean to let you down.. no

CD 1
  • 1 Appearances
  • 2 Stay Here Forever
  • 3 Bird Without Wings
  • 4 Let You Down
  • 5 This Is Goodbye
  • 6 Interlude
  • 7 What We Are
  • 8 I'd Be Lying
  • 9 A World Outside
  • 10 The Only One
  • 11 I'm Alive
  • 12 What Happens Next