Who Sang This Is Goodbye? The Material

Release information
Release Date: 2011
length: 3:20
Hold back the tears
I've been here too long
I'm just wasting time
So it's time to move on
You can't deny
I've put off my dreams
Throw that calendar out
There's more out there for me

So I'm gone
Out the door
Needed you but not anymore
Sure it's true
I might fail
But not the same way as if I stayed here
This is goodbye

Please bite your tongue
'Cause there's nothing to say
I've been cursing the clock
So I'm leaving today
I've never been scared
Of taking the chance
That you never did and you never will
So how could you ever understand

This is my chance to make it
This is my life, I won't waste it here

CD 1
  • 1 Appearances
  • 2 Stay Here Forever
  • 3 Bird Without Wings
  • 4 Let You Down
  • 5 This Is Goodbye
  • 6 Interlude
  • 7 What We Are
  • 8 I'd Be Lying
  • 9 A World Outside
  • 10 The Only One
  • 11 I'm Alive
  • 12 What Happens Next