Who Sang Chromoshop? The Matthew Herbert Big Band

The Matthew Herbert Big Band Goodbye Swingtime cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-5-19
Genre: Electronic Jazz
Style: Big Band/Future Jazz/Experimental/Swing
length: 5:48
You will want this
As you're passing through
They have planned it
And your distance too
They've been thinking
And investing too
Can't just pass it
They know you are who
Can't just fight it
Purse is far too full
Freedom slipping
Feel the product pull
See through mirrors
Tiny cameras
They have tricked us
Teams of planners
Just what I need
Never thought I'd find
Something quite as beautiful as you
Now you've got it
And they want you back
Freedom slipping
Left your cookie track
Someone has you
And your wishes too
Can't stop choosing
Several dishes new
Wait a minute
Hold it right about there
Not that simple
What about after-sale care
Just what I want
Yes it's just what I need
All these years that I thought I was tough
All along it was not quite enough
All those hours spent trawling the aisles
Coupons off and the thirty-day trials
Competitions and marketing ties
Movie trailers promotional buys
And I thought it was
And I thought it was
Worth all of the loyalty points
(turning circles
Leather momo
V12 engine
Eco no-no
Miles to the gallon
Less than twenty
Why buy a new one
Second-hand a plenty)
Get the kids
From the shops
Get the kids
In the shops
Pick up kids
From the shops
Not what I want
No it's not what I need
Not what I want
Not what I need
Not what I wanted at all
Not in my name
Not in my name
Not in my name
Not in my name
Just don't want it
Just don't need it
We're just passing through

CD 1
  • 1 Turning Pages
  • 2 Everything's Changed
  • 3 Fiction
  • 4 The Three W's
  • 5 Chromoshop
  • 6 The Battle
  • 7 Misprints
  • 8 The Many and the Few
  • 9 Simple Mind
  • 10 Stationary