Who Sang Simple Mind? The Matthew Herbert Big Band

The Matthew Herbert Big Band Goodbye Swingtime cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-5-19
Genre: Electronic Jazz
Style: Big Band/Future Jazz/Experimental/Swing
length: 5:19
arranger: Peter Wraight
bass: Dave Green
brass: John Higginbotham
membranophone: Pete Cater
piano: Phil Parnell
reeds: Bob McKay, Martin Williams and Simon Niblock
tenor saxophone: Dave O’Higgins and Nigel Hitchcock
trombone: Andy Wood, Chris Cole and Gordon Campbell
trumpet: Adam Linsley, Andrew Cook, Graham Russell and Stuart Brooks
woodwind: Howard McGill
Gonna live it all behind
I am gonna learn this simple mind
Gonna teach her the fill
Things that are all reather new
I`m gonna learn this simmple game
I`m gonna leave it to shill say
I`m gonna turn up my face
Sit by the place
Has i have
I love you
Can be shore
That i could`t be more, ready
Soon it will be,
Diferent to this,

Gonna leave all behind
I`mm gonna learn this simple mind
I`m gonna turn up a pin
Wash away all of the sin
I`m gonna turn myself for a ride
I`m gonna lisen every sound
I`m gonna sing what i hear
Night if i were all of a sleep
Can be shore
That i will not be shore
Soon it will be
Different to this democracy

Gona leave all
Gona leave all
Gona leave it all
Gona love it all

Thanks to razvan

CD 1
  • 1 Turning Pages
  • 2 Everything's Changed
  • 3 Fiction
  • 4 The Three W's
  • 5 Chromoshop
  • 6 The Battle
  • 7 Misprints
  • 8 The Many and the Few
  • 9 Simple Mind
  • 10 Stationary