Who Sang Stationary? The Matthew Herbert Big Band

The Matthew Herbert Big Band Goodbye Swingtime cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-5-19
Genre: Electronic Jazz
Style: Big Band/Future Jazz/Experimental/Swing
length: 8:30
arranger: Peter Wraight
bass: Dave Green
brass: John Higginbotham
membranophone: Pete Cater
piano: Phil Parnell
reeds: Bob McKay, Martin Williams and Simon Niblock
tenor saxophone: Dave O’Higgins and Nigel Hitchcock
trombone: Andy Wood, Chris Cole and Gordon Campbell
trumpet: Adam Linsley, Andrew Cook, Graham Russell and Stuart Brooks
woodwind: Howard McGill
Will you run
When you wake
Will you realise your mistake
Will these sheets
Leave your back
Or these fibres
Hold you back
Will you cede
When you rise
Will you slip away
In disguise
If these eyes
Respect a meaning
Does this door
Mean you are leaving

Stay til evening
Stay til leaving
Won`t you stay-stationary

CD 1
  • 1 Turning Pages
  • 2 Everything's Changed
  • 3 Fiction
  • 4 The Three W's
  • 5 Chromoshop
  • 6 The Battle
  • 7 Misprints
  • 8 The Many and the Few
  • 9 Simple Mind
  • 10 Stationary