Shuddershell Lyrics - The Mayfield Four

Release information
Release Date: 1998-5-26
Genre: Rock
length: 4:06
To me you are the warmest season
You have always been the brighest sun
These cliches will not be spoken
I'd choke on my lead tongue

So self-aware it's a burden
Forever crippled by the tendency
Please evict me from this shuddershell
So I can speak

This is so frustrating
I don't know what I'm saying

This loss for words seems to burrow deeper everyday
I'm so misunderstood
Cannot relay the good
That's stranded deep inside
'Cause next to you
I'm at a loss for words

Don't confuse this for confession
Or as a plea for sympathy
It's just a window to soul bound
By all my insecurity

CD 1
  • 1 Shuddershell
  • 2 Suckerpunch
  • 3 Forfeit
  • 4 Always
  • 5 No One Nothing
  • 6 12/31
  • 7 Fallout
  • 8 Big Verb
  • 9 Realign
  • 10 Don't Walk Away
  • 11 Overflow
  • 12 Inner City Blues