Who Sang Written on Every Hour? The Mayflies USA

Release information
Release Date: 2003-3-31
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock
length: 3:37

Man these blues have gotten weapons grade
Stick around to see the mess you made
With all the words you maybe should have weighed more carefully

Got that same sinking feeling again
Somebody’s gonna say I knew you when
But it’s the ones who never say a thing
Who always get you in the end

You do the watching, I’ll do the waiting
All night till we get inspired
We’re sick but we’re never tired so what

Forever’s a long time to be forgotten
And all I want is right now
It’s written on every hour

You’re the one who couldn’t say yr name
Wrapping everything in cellophane
Till you couldn’t feel a fucking thing

Pack enough for the interstate
You know they’re watching, know they’ll make you wait
Coz that’s how they are

You do the lying and I’ll do the stealing
Till we find that feeling again
Turn off the light and pretend it’s on

Forever’s a long time to be forgotten
And all I want is right now
Written on every hour
Written on every hour
On every hour

CD 1
  • 1 Walking in a Straight Line
  • 2 The Greatest Thing
  • 3 Can't Stop Watching
  • 4 Malaysia
  • 5 So Young
  • 6 The Good Girls Goodbye
  • 7 Ready to Go
  • 8 I Won't Forget
  • 9 You Won't Find Me
  • 10 123
  • 11 Written on Every Hour
  • 12 Sweet 16