Who Sang Shian Road? The McCalmans

The McCalmans Flames on the water cover art
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length: 3:21
Will you walk the Shian road again
And gaze out from Ardselma across the wooded glen
To see the Cregan mist burn off the ben
And will you walk the Shian road again
So hard the leaving
So hard the leaving the hills and the glens
So strong the feeling.
So strong the feeling he'd never return
To Shian again
The young man raced the sun across the sky
But older now he stopped there, the breeze a gentle sigh
I heard it whisper, "Stay my father stay
And walk the lonely Shian road today"

Remember when the days burned long and bright
But now the night is falling and by its fading light
I'll take you to the highlands again
And walk the lonely Shian road again

  • 1 Ah'm e man at muffed it
  • 2 Isle of Eigg
  • 3 Devolution Anthem
  • 4 Farewell tae the haven
  • 5 Sounding
  • 6 Hawks and Eagles
  • 7 The Siege
  • 8 Who pays the piper
  • 9 Festival Lights
  • 10 Shian Road
  • 11 Men o' Worth
  • 12 Curtain Call