Who Sang Last Train to Eden? The Meads of Asphodel

Release information
Release Date: 2013-4-6
Genre: Rock
Style: Black Metal/Heavy Metal/Experimental/Space Rock
length: 8:59
Right is life. Left is death.

You don"t" have to die to walk in hell, Here is death and know it well
One way ticket, there is no return, Unfit for life. But fit to burn
Breathing like fish cast into the sand, Torn from hope that none can withstand
You know you"re going to die, f___ing die
Sub human scum, forsaken by god, Nowhere to run, meat for Moloch
No time to grieve, just time to die, Last train to hell 2x
It"s time to leave, to hells paradise, Cadaver wind storm ash on the breeze
A human cancer, a racial disease,
Poison blood, we beguile, Chants of death, Sieg Heil
Like bird s___ on a dead man"s head, It"s over now, soon we"ll be dead.
Last train to hell, 2x
Teeth of flame, gnaw the flesh, The smoking dead, a handful of dust
The biting fog, glimmering dread, Crematoria..., wakes infernal
Right is life. Left is death, All that"s left is half a kilogram of ash.
Zyclon b in a red cross van, hear the call, of the death camp band
A serenade, of endless sleep, in this place, where life is cheap
The air is mouldering flesh, and twisting sulphurous hue

CD 1
  • 1 Sonderkommando
  • 2 Wishing Well of Bones
  • 3 Aktion T4
  • 4 Silent Ghosts of Babi Yar
  • 5 Children of the Sunwheel Banner, Part 1
  • 6 Children of the Sunwheel Banner, Part 2
  • 7 Lamenting Weaver of Horror
  • 8 Sins of the Pharaohs
  • 9 Last Train to Eden
  • 10 Hourglass of Ash
  • 11 The Mussulmans Wander Through the Infernal Whirling Fires Amongst Silent Shadows to Be Fed Into the Thirsting Jaws of a Godless Death Machine to Cough Up Their Souls to the Nazi Moloch Who Sits Within a Ring of Smoking Infant Skulls
  • 12 Send My Love to Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz