Who Sang Real? The Memorials

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Release Date: 2011-2-14
length: 6:33

Working, wishing I was on the road
Knowing all the time I am destined for much more
I have been slaving for a man that is no good
Thinking Fire me, God damn I wish you would!
I wish you would!
Because you give me scraps and it makes you feel proud
And you got some nerve wanna go spread that shit around!
Talking about what you gave me
Like it was free
If you knew what I was made of
Would have cherished me

Because I am real!
Will not let them break me down!
I got to do what I feel
And do it with a smile!
I got to face it, this time I cannot walk away!
This time I will not let you get the best of me!

Have you ever settled for much less?
Did you ever go and walk out in protest?
Did you ever scream back in their face?
Did you ever give them just a taste of what you take?
With a blank stare
Like you just do not hear them
Because it isn't fare
You never did fear them...
Who ever said this shit would be easy?
Why is it always pain for gain?

When will this labour be fulfilling?
What can I do to make a change?

All you got to do is be real!
Do not let them break you down!
You got to do what you feel
And do it with a smile!
You got to face it, this time you cannot walk away!
You got your dues to pay
So go on and be real
With you especially!
You have it all eventually

Should I speak nothing of this freedom
That I so humbly long for
And yet I will not explore the key to
Letting go of the pain from before
Though I know they wish to break me!
Though I know they wish to break me!
Though I know they wish to break me down!
Down, down, down!
Never will they see me shed a tear!
I am aware of my purpose here
It is not profound I have found
Just to be the real me!
Just to be the real me!

  • 1 We Go to War
  • 2 Natural Disaster
  • 3 Day Dreamer
  • 4 Let's Party
  • 5 Westcoast
  • 6 Dream
  • 7 Gtfomf
  • 8 Real
  • 9 Born to Shine
  • 10 Enough
  • 11 Why Me?
  • 12 Give Me the Stuff
  • 13 I Remember You
  • 14 We Go to War (radio edit)

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    country(area): United States
    script: Latin