Who Sang Another Night? The Men

The Men Tomorrow's Hits cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-3-4
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock/Post-Punk
length: 5:28
producer: Ben Greenberg
membranophone: Rich Samis
trumpet: Carter Yasutake
tenor saxophone: Peter Breiner
strings: Nick Chiericozzi, Ben Greenberg and Kevin Faulkner
assistant engineer: Daniel Schlett
writer: The Men

We were down when you put this
Well you lead it the way to say it ok
Let me know, tonight cuz baby I just can't take another night
And I just can't stand, can't stand another night

So long, this what I gotta say
Ooh we gotta to do it's keep on trying and will be alright
We gotta just keep on trying for another night

When I walk to your door to see you through
Well I gotta do believe in something, it's all I can do
You can take my heart, my love is for free
My darling don't you worry to see what next
That's nothing that keeps are

Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, yeah, yeah
Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, yeah, yeah
Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, yeah, yeah

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