Who Sang Get What You Give? The Men

The Men Tomorrow's Hits cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-3-4
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock/Post-Punk
length: 3:20
producer: Ben Greenberg
membranophone: Rich Samis
trumpet: Carter Yasutake
tenor saxophone: Peter Breiner
strings: Nick Chiericozzi, Ben Greenberg and Kevin Faulkner
assistant engineer: Daniel Schlett
writer: The Men
You get what you give in the morning
The new sales at dawn
I love to lay in bed
But I gotta catch the sun

Sweet candy layed in oven
The law can't touch you
None of these hands are thankful
What you ever do

You wait, you wait
What is in your mind is easier to find

I used to get so angry
Baby, now I'm confused
I will simply (???)
Any connection to you

I will live inside you
I wanna hear, let them play
On the floor of the weird valley
Here, where you go insane

You wait, you wait
What is in your heart is easier to find

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