Who Sang I See No One? The Men

The Men New Moon cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-3-5
Genre: Rock
Style: Post-Punk/Noise
length: 3:23
membranophone: Rich Samis
piano: Mark Perro
lead vocals: Ben Greenberg
acoustic guitar: Nick Chiericozzi and Ben Greenberg
bass guitar: Kevin Faulkner
electric guitar: Nick Chiericozzi
percussion: Rich Samis
engineer: Ben Greenberg and Kyle Keays-Hagerman

Under cover of bounding silence
In a standing rabbit crowd
Sometimes it's zipped stand low

Where we were talking
When no one else was around
But I heard them in the airway
And ending one so proud

I see no one

I wanna took it high
So I struck it on my own
I wanted these dreams could..of wings
Searching for a home
In the mornin' I was tired
No get to low
Louds what you..
And when I found my home

I see no one
I see no one

At the any days she took it way
Stare about a house
Say"I can't see, but how you breathe
With all that croaking loud"

..It push around
But nowhere it was true
But the came one day took away
There was nothing I can do

I see no one
I see no one

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  • 2 Half Angel Half Light
  • 3 Without a Face
  • 4 The Seeds
  • 5 I Saw Her Face
  • 6 High and Lonesome
  • 7 The Brass
  • 8 Electric
  • 9 I See No One
  • 10 Bird Song
  • 11 Freaky
  • 12 Supermoon