Who Sang My Villain? The Mess Hall

The Mess Hall For the Birds cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-11-13
length: 3:32

My villain
Grew from a villain seed
My villain
You'll never get the drop on me
But in my heart
You fill a little vacancy
You bearing the knife
While I duck I dive and I weave
And when I get up
You hand me the missing piece
My villain
You see the trick hanging
From my sleeve
I call you a phoney
While the truth is always staring at me
If I have to harness
A fire so easy to burn
You hand me the fuel
And see which way I turn
Which way I turn
While you're playing out the fiction in me
You're some kind of chameleon
The way you mimic any move I make
Sitting there on the side
While I'm punching my way above my weight
Above my weight
You keep playing out the fiction in me

CD 1
  • 1 My Villain
  • 2 Bell
  • 3 Tijuana 500
  • 4 Bare
  • 5 Marlene
  • 6 Silhouettes
  • 7 New Ornithology
  • 8 The Switch
  • 9 Long Time Death
  • 10 Swing Low