Who Sang P.O. Box 9847? The Monkees

The Monkees The Birds, the Bees & The Monkees cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1968-4-22
length: 3:17
vocal: Micky Dolenz
violin: Victor Arno and Jack Pepper
electric bass guitar: Joe Osborn
guitar: Louie Shelton and Jerry McGee
viola: Philip Goldberg
percussion: Billy Lewis
cello: Raymond Kelley
strings arranger: Don McGinnis
drums (drum set): Billy Lewis
tack piano: Bobby Hart
writer: Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart

Handsome, single, young man well respected in his town
Seeks a fine, young lady from a similar background
Generous, responsible, respectful man of means
Socialize with presidents and queens

P.O. Box 9847
P.O. Box 9847

I've described me very poorly
Better try again

Quiet, sincere, gentleman, well rounded and mature
Fond of music and the arts, loves the theater
Educated, sensitive, a trav'ler of the world
Wants to meet an eligible young girl

P.O. Box 9847
P.O. Box 9847

I've been writing, advertising
That's not really me

Lonely, understanding man, affectionate and true
Looking for girl to share his dreams and make them true
Humble, loving, sensitive, considerate and shy
Only sincere ladies need reply

P.O. Box 9847
P.O. Box 9847

I'm not liking what I'm typing
Throw it all away

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