Who Sang How I Pass the Time? The Muffs

The Muffs Really Really Happy cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004-8-10
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Alternative Rock/Power Pop/Punk
length: 2:35

Yeah I don't even know
why I'm behind the door, why I'm behind the door
And I don't even know for sure

How I do anything
I'm looking at the floor, I'm looking at the floor
But I don't care much anymore

I'm looking out behind the curtains
And frowning out behind my smile
Yeah this is how I pass the time

Will I go anywhere
I do not rightly know, do you think I should know
Since I don't even think I'll go

I'm laying here in my own bile
I'm gonna be here for a while
Yeah this is how I pass the time

Do you feel awful I'd never know it
I'm never there
Wait here is my secret why I don't know well I don't care

CD 1
  • 1 Freak Out
  • 2 A Little Luxury
  • 3 Really Really Happy
  • 4 Something Inside
  • 5 Everybody Loves You
  • 6 Don’t Pick on Me
  • 7 And I Go Pow
  • 8 My Lucky Day
  • 9 Fancy Girl
  • 10 How I Pass the Time
  • 11 Slow
  • 12 I’m Here I’m Not
  • 13 The Whole World
  • 14 My Awful Dream
  • 15 By My Side
  • 16 Oh Poor You
  • 17 The Story of Me