Who Sang Train, Train? The Oak Ridge Boys

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length: 2:45

I lost a pretty penny on my daddy's farm
To the railroad tracks that ran between the back porch and the barn
Every time that locomotive would start to shake the ground
I'd beat it to the backyard and I'd lay my Lincoln down
I'd signal to the engineer, he'd always let her blow
I'd count the cars, one by one, wishin' I could go

Train train choo-choo train
Heard that oooh oooh oooooohhhhhh
And I've never been the same
Train train choo-choo train
There's still a little rambling round running through my veins

From the Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains on L&N's old rails
To the Kansas City Southern sleepin' with the mail
I cut steel through Pennsylvania on the P&LE too
Saw the Colorado River from a Rio Grande caboose
Now every time that iron horse is comin' 'round the bend
I hear that lonesome sound oh Lord, and there I go again

  • 1 Train, Train
  • 2 Someplace Green
  • 3 Bad Case of Missing You
  • 4 Saving Grace
  • 5 You Don't Have to Go Home (But You Can't Stay Here)
  • 6 Old Familiar Love
  • 7 Goin' Against the Grain
  • 8 I Love You So Much It Hurts
  • 9 My Girl Friday
  • 10 That Ole Gravel Road Was Easy Street
  • 11 The Journey