Who Sang Ready to Go? The Old Ceremony

Release information
Release Date: 2009-2-17
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Indie Rock/Pop Rock
length: 3:45
Come on, I'm gonna be late for work
Can't afford to lose this job
They're talking bout letting more people go
Sometime this winter
Packed my bags and spare pair of gloves
And the car's running in the garage
Get ready to go
Get ready to go

Me and my girl are headed out to the beach
She's about to turn 18
She's playing with her hair
And staring out the window
Got her up early cause we've got a long drive
It's good to be young and alive
We're ready to go
We're ready to go

Almost missed the turn
Go ahead and run the light
That car came from out of nowhere
Listen to the radio
As everything turns to white
That car came from out of nowhere
That car came from out of nowhere

I'm not ready to go
I'm not ready to go

CD 1
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  • 2 Plate Tectonics
  • 3 Walk on Thin Air
  • 4 By Any Other Name
  • 5 The Disappear
  • 6 Stubborn Man
  • 7 Same Difference
  • 8 Someone I Used to Know
  • 9 Boy Prince
  • 10 Hearts in Four
  • 11 Murmur
  • 12 Ready to Go
  • 13 Don't Parade Your Scars
  • 14 Ennio