Who Sang Insomnia? The Organization

The Organization Savor the Flavor cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1995
length: 3:05
Can't sleep, up all night
Breakfast, lunch
Won't take a bite
Supertime, no appetite
3:29 and all is fine
It won't be long until the dawn
Time keeps ticking on and on


Getting tired yould use a rest
My emotions passionless
Put yourself to the test
Brain and body must unite
No giving in without a fight
Too f****** late, I see the daylight
(And man is it bright)

Look in my eyes
What do you think you'll see ?
Go past the eyes
Maybe then you'll find me


CD 1
  • 1 Savor the Flavor
  • 2 So Full of Lies
  • 3 Doomsday Eve
  • 4 A Way Today
  • 5 Had a Long Today
  • 6 The Chase
  • 7 War 25
  • 8 Begin a Life
  • 9 The Drought
  • 10 Insomnia
  • 11 Stupid Mood
  • 12 By the Time