Who Sang It Ain't Over? The Outfield

Release information
Release Date: 1998-9
length: 3:45
Staying up all night, this could be a party
I've got some friends outside, looking for a good time
You better head my way, this is where it's starting
No rules, no laws, tonight you're gonna stay

Hey girl hold me tight, the night ain't over
Hey girl hit that light- the night ain't over

I'm staying up all night, this could be a showdown
I've got this thing inside, telling me don't run and hide
And there's so many roads, only you can go down
Don't close, your eyes, there just might be another way


Ooh I might be losing my soul
But life's only fun when it's dangerous
And I don't wanna be told
I won't play safe and start growing old

It's five in the morning
And I can feel the beads of sweat
Running down the back of my neck
It's so good to be with you again

Someday, wait and see
This will be just a memory
And I'll look back with no regrets
Good times like this I can't forget

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