Who Sang Spaceman? The Palmer Squares

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Release Date: 2015-5-27
length: 3:14
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[Verse 1: Acumental]
Cause if it doesn't get me high
It keeps me low
Beseech your soul seeker to peep my show
Cause I'm a, genius like Nietzsche's nose
And you ain't seen nothin' yet like BTO
Bet the beat gon' bump
Got the weed rolled up
Fuck a C-Note, feed me casino funds
Cause without me rap wouldn't be so fun
I keep it hi-fi like fee-fo-fum
Those erroneous notions will ruin your movement
So fuel your noodle or go through the motions
Debilitated like multi sclerosis
Your flow is a joke and your multis are bogus
I hit the classroom in a snapback and Filas
The ravenous brat stealing backpacks at recess
Ac packs arenas to yap raps in English
Egregious beliefs of a madcap elitist
I reap it, I sow it
I keep it, I own it
I speak like a poet
And preach at the pulpit there's
Not a moment to waste
Get your modem erased
Crack codes yeah I'm closing the case
See the perfect solution for circumlocution
Is merging more virtuous words in your music
I'm, just a person immersed in amusement
Perched in a church pew, worshipping Judas
Versed in the worsening human condition
Consistently searching for worth in our futures
A verbal abusive insurgent with versatile viewpoints
Thirsty for worthy disputants
You can fry an egg on a page in my rhymebook
I got a mean right hook and a snide look
We all pay for the time took waitin'
So why delay when your mind's been racin'?
No fibs, no fabrications
Ain't got no whip or transporation
Climb Appalachians on the ankle express
Hit the bank and invest miscellaneous checks
Got a missile aimed at our heads
On a mission to forgive
Start making amends
I'm extending a branch
Breaking the bread
Commiserate the widows
Give thanks to the dead

[Verse 2: Terminal Knowledge]
But it all depends
Not that you losers would comprehend
Prolly get sued by R.E.M
It's politics, use your hardened head
Now the heart and the soul are for suckers
Down on their luck get lost and thrown in the gutter
Hock a loogie
Coughing phlegm
Holler "Baba Booey" from the audience
I'm just, sitting on the edge of the Earth
Thinking that I'm ready to jump
Thing is it might lessen the worth from whatever it was
Head first finna plunge to my death
Been laid to rest with the rest of the decorated vets
Blessed by the angels
He never made a bet that he didn't hedge
He never made an educated guess
They'll separate your head from your shoulders
My generation left to pay the debt when it's over
So this is no occasion for a celebration
In many ways, we're essentially domesticated pets
Medicated mental patient with a pebble brain
Meditating in a state of elevation
A reputation for chemical recreation
We'll never make it if the state'd regulate it
A penny saved better head to the bank
Ready made with the pen dipped in ink
Keep it one hunnit like Benjamin Frank
Diesel truck gunnin', might empty the tank
Hey, and they never ain't square
Get rolled, get sent to the chair
No exceptions
So electric
A little less blasé blah
A little more devil may care
Let's get it

Mo'fucker let's get it

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