The Panic Division - Darkside of You 歌詞

length: 5:23

Come on come on
Open up your body, show me you're a sinner
Come on come on
I wanna see the darker side of you tonight
Come on come on
Every breath you take is slowly getting weaker
Come on come on
I've never dreamt the things I felt from you tonight
Is there really love in all of this world?
Lately, and here I am,
Here I am on the darkside of you
Come on come on
She's the perfect hue to shade your dirty secret
You're on the run
Leave her broken body hiding in the night
You open her up to see the machine inside
And she was born to live not to leave this world
Lately, and here I am
Here I am
Here I am on the darkside of you
The fear is alive
Your heart is numb, splitting in two
The darkside of you

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Here We Go
  • 3 Polysix
  • 4 Your Satellite
  • 5 Big Day
  • 6 Stay
  • 7 From the Top
  • 8 The Pieces That Mattered
  • 9 Legacy
  • 10 Day You Left
  • 11 Stay
  • 12 Broken Wings
  • 13 A Killer Is Born
  • 14 Darkside of You