Who Sang Beautiful Creature? The Philosopher Kings

Release information
Release Date: 2005-11-22
Genre: Rock Funk / Soul
length: 3:43
Then you walked in
O-oh my
What a sight
All eyes on you
Shoulders bare
Slit cut high
You hardly try
And you don't
need to, no-oh
Ooh don't you know
I have never seen
Anything like you before


Beautiful Creature
I'm dying to meet ya
I don't even know ya
But I know that I need ya
Your beautiful features
Got me tryin' to please ya
And I know that I need ta

d___ that smile
girl, I gotta
meet ya

I know what you need
In your life
Here tonight
You need a love
that's strong
That can make
you feel good
Make you feel alive

Do you realize
In this life
I never had a
want so bad 'til
you came along
Oooh girl
I never felt
anything like
this before


d___ that smile
girl, I gotta
meet ya

Hoo, hoo
Mmm, mmm, mm
Oh, oh
Just give me one moment
And I'll make you mine
My arms are wide open
My heart's on the line
And all I can do is
To come to you
Tell you that my
heart is true
Don't you know
that I have to
have you?


d___ you're fine
girl, I gotta
reach ya

Beautiful Creature
Beautiful Creature
Beautiful Creature
I gotta meet ya
Beautiful Creature
Beautiful Creature
Come on

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