Who Sang Cecilia? The Pied Pipers

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length: 2:40
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Little Miss Cecilia Green
Little over sweet sixteen
But the cutest flapper that you've ever seen
When the fellows pass her by
She will always wink her eye
When she talks to them
When she walks with them
This is what they'll cry

Does your mother know you're out Cecilia?
Does she know that I'm about to steal you?
Oh my when I look in your eyes
Something tells me you and I should get together

How bout a little kiss Cecilia
Just a kiss you'll never miss Cecilia
Why do we two keep on wasting time?
Oh Cecilia
Say that you'll be mine

Many funny things occur
While the boys are courting her
I refer to one case in particular
She went with a boy named Joe
Who was always lisping so
When he'd ask this miss
For a little kiss it would sound just like this

Doeth your mother know you're out The-thiel-yuh
Doeth thee know that I'm about to thteal "yuh"
Oh my when I look in your eyth
I feel very you know tho un-neth-the-tha-ry
How about a little kiss The-thiel-yuh
Jutht a kith you'll never mith The-thiel-yuh
Why do we two keep on wathting time?
Oh The-thiel-yuh
Thay that you'll be mine
Mine How about a little kith, the thiel yuh
Jutht a kith you'll never mith, the thiel yuh.
Why do we two keep on wathing time
Oh, the theil yuh

CD 1
  • 1 Pistol Packin' Mama
  • 2 Doin' What Comes Natur'Lly
  • 3 Dream
  • 4 In the Middle of May
  • 5 Girl of My Dreams
  • 6 Cecilia
  • 7 Whatcha Know Joe?
  • 8 You've Got Me This Way
  • 9 What a Deal
  • 10 There's Good Blues Tonight
  • 11 Mairzy Doats
  • 12 My Happiness
  • 13 My! My!
  • 14 The Freedom Train
  • 15 Sweet Potato Piper
  • 16 Old Man River
  • 17 On the Sunny Side of the Street
  • 18 Nine Old Men
  • 19 You and Your Love
  • 20 You Won't Be Satisfied
  • 21 I Love It So
  • 22 I've Got the Sun in the Morning
  • 23 It's Only a Paper Moon
  • 24 Linger in My Arms
  • 25 I'll Buy That Dream
    CD 2
  • 1 Easy Street
  • 2 Gotta Be This or That
  • 3 Jamboree Jones
  • 4 Isn't That Just Like Love
  • 5 Embraceable You
  • 6 Deacon Jones
  • 7 In the Moon Mist
  • 8 My Sugar Is So Refined
  • 9 My Gal Sal
  • 10 Reckon I'm in Love
  • 11 Personality
  • 12 Winter Weather
  • 13 Why Does It Get Late So Early?
  • 14 The Lady From 29 Palms
  • 15 What Ya Gonna Do?
  • 16 The Night We Called It a Day
  • 17 The Trolley Song
  • 18 You Might Have Belonged to Another
  • 19 Gone to Chicago
  • 20 Tallahassee
  • 21 Sentimental Journey
  • 22 We'll Be Together Again
  • 23 Aren't You Glad You're You
  • 24 Let's Get Away From It All
  • 25 Kiss Me Goodnight

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    label: Jasmine
    format: CD