I Believe in You Lyrics - The Poodles

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length: 4:10

Why do I live with so much fear?
I’m filled with doubt, I’m close to tears
Is there truth to a word they say?
I can’t decide, should I go or stay?
Black is the night, I can taste the dark
I look to the sky, I wait for a spark
I know the end is drawing near
The choir of angels is all I hear
Oh, you keep me hangin’ on
And I can’t let you go
I prayed this day would come (now, forever)
Seasons come and seasons go, I know
We must carry on
The fall from grace was long
But I believe in you
Blinded by the light of a coming train
I try to escape but it’s all in vain
Can this be real or a haunted dream
If I awake, tell me what it means
Barren lands ridden by a plague
I look around what is left to save
No way out this is our fate
The band plays on go save yourself!

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