I Rule the Night Lyrics - The Poodles

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Release Date: 2009
length: 4:08
I rule the night

When the curtain rise
And they turn on the lights
That's when I am free
Hear the thunder roar
Its my life and my call
What I'm meant to be
Destiny calls
And it's breaking the walls
I can see the light
I will follow it through
And I know what to do
Cos ill be the hero tonight

I rule the night
In the control and ready to attack
Speed ahead im never turning back
What I need is what I always take don't you know
I rule the night
And no matter what I'm going through
I will stand and prove myself to you
I will stay I will fight
I rule the night
I am taking control
With my body and soul
And I promise you
My desire and flame
Has always been the same
Its what I hold true
Destiny calls...
I rule the night...

It's the thrill of your life
We walk the edge of the knife
As we stand on the brim
There's a fire within
And we look to the stars
At the blood-shining mars
I will fight til the end
Again and again

I rule the night

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