Who Sang Landslide? The Popguns

The Popguns Eugenie cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1990
length: 2:58
Feels like I've lost my grip on life
Caught a landslide, nothing is real
You say I'm not what my clothes say
I know it anyway, you don't have to tell me
Why can't you just hold me
I'm feeling empty
I'm gonna need some reassurance
Break things to me gently
Catch me, please
I think I'm falling down
First wage, as distant as old age
Turning a new page is so hard to do
Your smile, soft as a lullaby
Whispering goodbye, lulling me through

CD 1
  • 1 Landslide
  • 2 Down On Your Knees
  • 3 Leave It Alone
  • 4 Waiting For The Winter
  • 5 Every Dream
  • 6 Because He Wanted To
  • 7 Someone You Love
  • 8 Those Other Things
  • 9 Don't Smile