Who Sang Shadow? The Portugal Japan

The Portugal Japan The Portugal Japan cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-2-25
length: 2:14

Everybody knows
There's booby trap
To be in love with the guy who lives in the childhood
I don't wanna choose way with a gun

Feelin' high
When he combs down my hair
Always cry
Deeply sigh
Never can decide

Oh, how cruel fact is
No one can stop him
To steal my heart
Oh, how rude smile is
It's not for me but my shadow

My heart, truly sad
Sadder than sad
He's in love with my shadow
If I can't take off his hand
Should I choose way with a gun?

CD 1
  • 1 Joey
  • 2 Boy Meets Girl
  • 3 Shadow
  • 4 Girlfriend
  • 5 Love You Baby
  • 6 Yeah Yeah
  • 7 Nobody Wants, Do Love Me
  • 8 Have Love Will Travel
  • 9 Black Jacket
  • 10 Savage
  • 11 No, I Want
  • 12 Ticket to Your Arms
  • 13 Kick Out the Jams