The Prodigals - Out of Mind 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2001-3-27
length: 2:43
and the chorus is dead simple,
it just goes "Hey, hey, hey,"
so we want you guys all to sing along."

There’s a warm summer breeze,
there’s a warm summer air
But it’s little that I see and it’s less that I care.
Tonight just happens to be one of those times
I just can’t get you out of my mind.

Though I walk through the valley, climb on the mountain,
Swim through the river, and I drink from the fountain
So many times that I’ve stopped counting,
Still you’re on my mind.

I say Hey hey hey
Go along move on move on

Stow those dreams, I knew that they’d crop up.
Raise my glass and I down a loving cup.
Little to say, and there’s less to do,
The needle just swings back to you.
Images spill imagination,
Smile fuels and conflagration,
Hope no fear no expectation,
Drive them from my mind.

If I could choose my obsessions,
Array my mind like my possessions,
I’d put them all in a chest and so
Lower them down where the dead men go.
But I close my eyes and thoughts come teeming,
Waking, sleeping, still I’m dreaming,
I don’t know what dreams have meaning,
Just that they’re of you.

CD 1
  • 1 Happy Man
  • 2 Lord Randall
  • 3 The Morning After
  • 4 Paddy's Heaven
  • 5 Last Night as I Lay Dreaming
  • 6 Jackie Hall
  • 7 Baggot Street
  • 8 Leaving
  • 9 Out of Mind
  • 10 The Sailor's Return
  • 11 One True Cause
  • 12 Dreaming in Hell's Kitchen