Who Sang My True Love? The Promise

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length: 2:12
The lights begin at the burn of the day. Empty words at my life, my way. For those who turn with their shame I pay. Did we all grow up without a d*** thing to say? Right here, right now. My law, my vow. Right here, right now. My law, my vow. Try but they never will taint my true love. My revenge, who I am, Straight Edge. My true love. All the words, all the fools turn your back on this, well f*** you. I am, I am what I am, and it's for real. Do what, do what I do because this is how I feel. Don't care, don't care if I'm alone or by myself. Live my, live my life for me and for no one else. Try but they will never taint my true love.

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