Who Sang Broken? The Prophecy

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Release Date: 2007-2-5
length: 14:01
How do we mend - these lives that lay broken?
How do we live - with these fears left unspoken?
And I yearn for someone to hold
Someone to be my anchor in this life
How do we find - those lost forever
Recollections of mine - are lost in this ether
Images caught in my cold memory
Reverence yet! I still owe to her being
These swollen eyes bless me with tears
As you renounced all these vows you swore and believed.

Turmoil that can't be resolved
Conflict of will driving deeper
Where hope is all but deceased
Wallow in your desperation

And as you drift away - There's nothing left to say
Unable to face the pain - Only this emptiness fills my soul
But right until the end - You will pray for me
Hold me in your arms - Bless me with your caress.
Struggle upwards towards the light
Breathless paralysis dragging you down
Staring eyes of glass as the world grows dark all around

There was - There was no release
There was - There was nothing left... For me.
But when you speak - All I hear are tears falling
Falling down on me - Baptize me with your grief
It's so hard to live - When you look away
When you look away - and I am left here
all alone (with just my self to blame)
I am empty - all dead inside- and I can never heal
Yes I am Broken- All cleaved in two -
Too many thoughts -of what might have been - and can never be
If you had died - then at least - at least I could have grieved.
All I am is broken - broken down - all down
When you're alone - When you're afraid
What will you do - to save your sanity?
Is this dream - Where I never wake?
Yes I am broken - all dead inside - and I can never heal - all cleaved in
Too many thoughts of what might have been and can never be

Bleak is this place - when mortality is forsaken for the dream
where broken men weep

CD 1
  • 1 Odyssey
  • 2 Rivers
  • 3 Cascades
  • 4 Willow's Hope
  • 5 Revelations
  • 6 Of Darkness
  • 7 Broken

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    label: No Face Records
    country(area): [Worldwide]
    format: CD
    barcode: 5060047112642
    script: Latin