Who Sang Echoes? The Prophecy

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length: 9:45
You're on your own now, just a step away
The memories blur then begin to fade
These days reveal to me what can't be undone
For we all knew this day your time was done
The sound of your voice calling these echoes in my head
I'm choking back the tears now but there's nothing that I could have said
Staring at the blank walls with a smile
Just another symptom of your failing mind
Are you in some far away place that only you can see?
Trapped in some inner recess of your own reality
For, these are the days of our lives
These are the days, passing by
This cold angry water flowing out to the sea
The ever expanding ocean takes you far from me
You see the light shining from the other side
There's no more time for you, so cross the divide
Can you see your moments passing day by day?
Will you leave me with this cold empty feeling?
Will it always remain?
This cold angry water flowing out to the sea
This overwhelming emotion takes a piece of me
All hope is lost now you're fading away
All hope is lost now your final day is here
These wasted years
The echoes I hear

CD 1
  • 1 Into the Light
  • 2 Delusion
  • 3 Don't Forget
  • 4 Echoes
  • 5 Belief Means Nothing
  • 6 All Is Lost
  • 7 Waters Deep
  • 8 Hope