Who Sang Hope? The Prophecy

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length: 8:57
In this moment I've fallen out of place
A certain point of view that led me to dismay
I walk the hard road that leads me from my bane
Deliverance I seek, but it's a path I cannot see
Stare into the light its blinding in my eyes
Stare into the light this empty life remains
And though you see me still, I'm broken and frail
As I face the truth alone, come to terms and atone
Stare into the light it's blinding in my eyes
Satre into the light, i cannot look away
And now I wonder where all my life has passed away
It's far from my reach and after all this pain fades away
This memory still remains

And now I wonder are you here in this place
And I can but wonder if this emptiness will remain
I can but wonder what I did to take you away
I can but wonder was it me that was to blame
Stare into the light it finally begins to fade
Hoping to find some solace now, regardless of my fate
And as the days go by you leave without a trace
But when I try to sleep, I'm haunted by your face...

CD 1
  • 1 Into the Light
  • 2 Delusion
  • 3 Don't Forget
  • 4 Echoes
  • 5 Belief Means Nothing
  • 6 All Is Lost
  • 7 Waters Deep
  • 8 Hope