Talking Me Down Lyrics - The Rebirth

The Rebirth This Journey In cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-6-21
Genre: Hip Hop Jazz Funk / Soul
Style: Soul-Jazz/RnB/Swing/Jazz-Funk
length: 7:17
As an angel sighed
She watched me walk by
She asked me in for some company

She smiled away
She had so much to say
Her words to me became melodies

She keeps talking me down
Ah, in such a way
She keeps talking me down
All in her own way

She held my hand
Her eyes I understand
Through her voice lies my history

Sun falls away
As a minute turns a day
She said goodbye
With the song she sang

Sun falls, she whispers to me in the dark
It's getting clearer she found me & changed me with a spark
with her hands, with her smile, with her words
Now I understand

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