Who Sang Henhouse Blues? The Red Clay Ramblers

Release information
length: 2:11
producer: The Red Clay Ramblers and Bill McElroy
lead vocals: Jim Watson
vocal: Mike Craver and Tommy Thompson
engineer: Bill McElroy
Preacher wanted some chicken, to the henhouse I did go.
If there's any fat pullets that are layin' around, they'll soon be mine, you know.
Just by the fence lay the big bulldog, with the henhouse side by side.
He grabbed that pullet, climbed over the fence, and to that dog he cried.
I don't care if you never wake up, this pullet is in my hands
You don't stand no show to catch no respectable preacher man.
What do I care for your knives and guns, or your bulldogs or your pups?
Just keep on a sleepin' while the preacher is a creepin'
I don't care if you never wake up.
Preacher went to sleep on election day and dreamed he was a candidate.
Told those folks voting for him, he said you'll have to wait.
Early next morning while still in the bed, the word to him was sent,
Wake up, Preacher, for you are beat and a woman is president.

I don't care if I never wake up, just so I get out of this trance
Won't them girls make it hot for us when they put on the pants.
Put out the milking and mind the kids, and the beds we'll have to make up.
Just go back to bed was the words he said, I don't care if I never wake up.

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