Who Sang The Telephone Girl? The Red Clay Ramblers

The Red Clay Ramblers  cover art
Release information
length: 2:35
producer: The Red Clay Ramblers, Bill McElroy, Alice Gerrard and Bruce Kaplan
lead vocals: Bill Hicks
vocal: Mike Craver, Jim Watson and Tommy Thompson
engineer: Bill McElroy
My heart is broke, it ain't no joke
I'm happy and I'm sad
I feel so queer, I sometimes fear
That thing will drive me mad
A little girl with frizzen curls
Came here a week ago
To work upon that telephone
And say hello, hello
Hello, hello, hello, hello
Her voice with music rings
It's sweeter than the whippoorwill
That in the woodland sings
Across the floor, beside the door
As I march to and fro
She leans upon that telephone
And say(s) hello, hello

I have not spoken to her yet
I've been in such a daze
Although she sometimes looks at me
With sort of a distant gaze
I feel too weak, I cannot speak
My heart is beating so
Like when she reach(ed) that telephone
And said hello, hello

I see her as she walks along
In sunshine and in rain
I hear her midst the jingle
Of the elevated train
Every sound that comes around
Above and down below
It seems to say the livelong day
Hello, hello, hello

I tell you what, I'll buy a spot
Not very far from town
And if she'll 'gree to marry me
We both will settle down
Where the wild honeysuckles bloom
And the fragrant flowers grow
She'll meet me at the garden gate
And say hello, hello