Who Sang Say Hello to Jamie Jones? The Red Krayola

The Red Krayola God Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail With It cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1968
length: 2:34

Leave well enough alone
But try to keep in touch
Don't wander far from home
I'd ask of you this much
Say hello to Jamie Jones

Fire engine red decor
And wrought iron subtleties
Said girls who come to the fore
Are not for you so please
Say hello to Jamie Jones

If he has lost his way
Assist him I implore
Will you know what to say
It's better all the more
Say hello to Jamie Jones

12:10 the voices ring
And Disney's friends parade
They don't want anything
It's not a masquerade
Say hello to Jamie Jones

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Say Hello to Jamie Jones
  • 2 Music
  • 3 The Shirt
  • 4 Listen to This
  • 5 Save the House
  • 6 Victory Garden
  • 7 Coconut Hotel
  • 8 Sheriff Jack
  • 9 Free Piece
  • 10 Ravi Shankar: Parachutist
  • 11 Piece for Piano and Electric Bass Guitar
  • 12 Dairymaid's Lament
  • 13 Big
  • 14 Leejol
  • 15 Sherlock Holmes
  • 16 Dirth of Tilth
  • 17 Tina's Gone to Have a Baby
  • 18 The Jewels of the Madonna
  • 19 Green of My Pants
  • 20 Night Song