Foul Play Lyrics - The Robert Cray Band

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Release Date: 1986
length: 4:08
It's Wednesday night, my woman's out
Once again I'm home alone

Lately every Wednesday night
She's late getting home
She phoned from work at quittin' time
Says the boss asked her to stay
She says she's makin' double time

I suspect foul play
I suspect foul play

This makes five straight Wednesday nights
And that's no coincidence

Sitting here and thinking back
It all starts making sense

Her old boss quit two months ago
She came home all smiles that day
She says they hired a younger man
I suspect foul play
Said I suspect foul play
Oh, I suspect foul play

Something in her voice
Alerted my suspicious heart
I've heard that warning sign before
Just before love fell apart

This is my last Wednesday night
Waiting like a fool
I won't stand for another man, no, no, no
That's my hard-fast rule
She'd better have some kind of evidence
Of all this extra pay
She'd better have some cold, hard facts

Cause I suspect foul play
Said I suspect foul play
Oh, I suspect foul play
Yeah, yeah
Foul play

[Guitar outro with words]

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