Got to Make a Comeback Lyrics - The Robert Cray Band

The Robert Cray Band Bad Influence cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1983
Genre: Blues
Style: Modern Electric Blues
length: 2:53

Loving you was
Always a cost
That I never bought
Till we
Started drifting apart
Now I know the love that you give
Is something that I've got to kiss

Gotta make comeback
To your heart

I realize
The love light is lost
There's no greater cross
To bear
Than the pain
Of a broken heart

Now I know that I've got to pay
Every night and day

Gotta make a comeback
To your heart

Now, girl
Ohh, when you say, baby
Here's where it ends
Can't we just be friends?
And I
Ohh, I have to make a new start

Ohh, the love and that pain
Trying to win your love back again

Gotta make comeback
To your heart

Gotta make a comeback

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