New Blood Lyrics - The Robert Cray Band

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Release Date: 1986
length: 4:20
Got a real bad case of restless
As I pace around my room
The old urge has started stirring
Must be the power of the moon

Been feeling, oh, so nervous
Since my loving's turned to mud
And I hear that night wind howlin'
It's time to find new blood, new blood

It's been a year, three days ago
Not a letter or a call
This room has been my prison cell
I know every crack on every wall

My locked-up desires boiling
Tensions rising to a flood
Now the streets are calling me, people
I've got to find new blood, new blood

There's a woman out there somewhere
A woman starved for love
A member, just like I am
Of the, "Lost your lover's club"

And now she can't control it
And the fever starts to burn
I know we're bound to come together, ooh
'Cause she's lookin' for new blood, some new blood

Oh, people, don't you hear me howl?
Cryin', I'm lookin' for new blood, oh, oh, oh

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